How much money do you need when starting a business

Many people underestimate start-up costs and they start a business without financial coverage. This can mean a lengthy climb up to the point where a profit appears. It very often results with the job never makes a profit.

Find out about 7 managerial priorities when you start your job and 7 ways how to avoid common mistakes in business.

Also, we are giving you advices on how to start a business with a limited budget.


Calculating break-even point

Before you start your own business and, maybe, leave the current one, try to work out whether your entrepreneurial venture be worth the risk.
You may be convinced that there is a real demand for your product or service and that the market will pay your price. The next step is to work out how much you have to sell each month (the time spent or the amount of product) to profit.

Find out in presented example how to determine the price of your product or service and use our calculators for your own situations.



Services price calculator

Working hour price calculator

Product price calculator

Break-Even point calculator